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I really wanted to name this post “Orange and Blue Done Right – Making the Chief Proud,” but that’s too long. Lots of couples are diehard Illini fans and find it only fitting to “Hail to the Orange, Hail to the Blue” with their wedding colors. Fortunately our school colors are well represented in several flower types. Sometimes brides find it hard to decided how much to focus on Orange and Blue and how to incorporate these colors into attire and floral arrangements. Today I am proud to bring you photos of two different Orange and Blue weddings that we had the opportunity to work on this year. Both brides each did an excellent job {albeit very different} of executing an orange and blue color palate for a wedding.

Bride 1 chose a color on color option, but utilized different shades of orange and blue to add elegance and steer clear of the game day look.  In her round hand tied bouquet a majority of the volume was orange unique roses – a true orange but with warmth and depth. We also used peach stock to add texture and volume in the sublayer, this lighter shade of orange gave the bouquet a more traditional feel. Royal blue delphinium was added as touches throughout the surface of the bouquet.

Bride 1’s bridesmaids wore lighter blue dress than your usual Illini blue; this allowed us to go all ILL-INI on their bouquets. Orange Gerbera daisies and orange spray roses with blue delphinium were the perfect bold small hand-tied bouquets.

Bride 1’s wedding was photographed by Kara Kamienski. She definitely has a gift for catching the emotion and details of the moment. Thank you Kara for sharing these beautiful pictures.

For Bride 2 we used white roses to set off the orange roses and royal blue bridesmaids dresses she had chosen. Using only roses allows the bouquets to be extra round and smooth due to the uniform texture. For the bride’s bouquet we used both white escimo roses and orange unique roses in a medium hand-tied style. Click here to see the bouquet being designed. Against her white dress this was just the perfect pop of color.




Since her bridesmaids wore royal blue, Bride 2 opted for all white bouquets for her bridesmaids-clean and classic with the perfect amount of color contrast.

For her cake Bride 2 chose classic white, with alternating textures on each tier. Lori Martin did a fabulous job at incorporating some orange unique roses (like we used in the bridal bouquet) and royal blue ribbon to bring it all together.

Bride 2’s wedding was photographed by Glen Dimock of Dimock Images. Glen has photographed our flowers a few times now and every time I view his work it is clear he is an artist. Thank you Glen for sharing your talent with us.